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God called the church to be a prophetic voice to a sinful world. Heart for the Next Generation desires to bless the local church by equiping individuals and families through classroom instruction and practical hands-on experience in order to fulfill this prophetic mandate.




We look to strengthen those laborers who are already hard at work rescuing the casualties of the abortion industry. We desire to encourage:

Individuals - To find and walk out the call of God in their life

Families - To strengthen them to serve God together

Ministries - To help unify them in a common vision and goal

Local Churches -  Because they are God’s plan to change the culture


A competent workman must possess the right tools and the skills to use them. Heart for the Next Generation looks to provide those tools, as well as godly wisdom, to those who are dedicated to building the Kingdom of God. We have assembled leaders with years of experience working in the trenches of cultural engagement. By combining hands-on field experience with classroom instruction, we hope to provide an environment that welcomes questions and provides practical answers to a challenging ministry.


Courage is contagious! Heart for the Next Generation has a burning passion to live out our faith in a visible way that will inspire the next generation to live like Jesus. One of our purposes is to invite the next generation to walk out their faith alongside godly leaders. We believe, as our youth hear the testimonies of faithful saints, a hunger to take up their cross and follow Jesus will arise in their hearts.


The abortion industry has always tried to hide in darkness. The lies that support modern child sacrifice seem reasonable until the light of God’s word exposes the true nature of this form of spiritual wickedness. Darkness has no power over light. It is our responsibility as children of light to dispel darkness.

Stand Up:

There have always been bullies that prey on the weak and helpless.  As believers, we have a biblical mandate to defend the defenseless and protect those being led to slaughter.  We will no longer stand idly by and allow bullies to hurt children out of selfishness and convenience.  We are called to lay down our lives in love.


When justice is perverted in one generation, the consequences can affect generations to come.  We believe biblical truth is the key to restoration.  When a nation returns to God’s truth, justice is restored to the land.  We do not just seek justice for ourselves alone, but for future generations.



The Christian community has witnessed a crumbling of the moral foundation of our nation and culture.  Many are fighting discouragement from a spirit of compromise that has penetrated and cracked that foundation. However, the Throne of Heaven has not moved. God’s answer is still His church.  With a smaller percentage of people going to church than at any other time in our history, we have an opportunity to share truth and compassion in a lost and dying world. Heart for the Next Generation believes that demonstrate the reality of what a body of believers can do who take the Great Commission seriously. 


1. We must not be ashamed of God’s truth. It is biblical truth that sets people free.

2. We must be strategic, effective, and excellent in what we do and how we do it.

3. Knowing the next generation is desperate for leadership that demonstrates conviction and courage, we must show that only the Bride of Christ has the mandate and authority to provide that leadership.




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